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If you ever changed jobs as a product manager, you know the confusion and excitement that comes with the first couple of weeks and months. There are new names to learn, abbreviations you’ve never ever heard of, and a constant influx of information that makes little to no sense.

I know that feeling very well, because over the last couple of years, I worked on six different products. I had new products handed over to me, and I had to leave some products behind. And with every new product and team that came my way, I learned a little more…

What was your weirdest job interview? I’ll tell you mine: My daughter was about two years old back then. I was supposed to have a telephone interview with a company I found quite interesting.

I had a doctor’s appointment with my daughter right afterwards, so I had it all figured out: She was usually taking a nap at that time, I would push the stroller through the park while doing the interview, and then planned some buffer time to get to the doctor.

I thought it would be a quick call to get to know each other. It turned out…

A lot of thought goes into the decision to shut down a product. This article argues that an equal amount of time should be spent on taking care of the affected team. Saying goodbye to your product always hurts — here’s how to make it suck less for everyone involved.

I’ve seen three products being killed in my career. While I couldn’t do anything about the first two, I learned a lot about how it feels to be on the receiving end of such a decision. It sucked. So when I finally was in charge of a shutdown myself, I…

Good product managers are frequently referred to as “rockstars”. While the underlying intention is certainly flattering, there are good reasons to argue against this: Product management is not a one-man-show, and a humble approach will bring you further than the desire to stand in the spotlight.

When people say rockstar, I think of Jon Bon Jovi and Mick Jagger. I think of wrinkly old men who wear leather jackets and do drugs. I think of big stages and screaming fans. I certainly don’t think of product management.

Yes, product managers need to be creative and likable, but for me it’s…

Jennifer Michelmann

Product manager who loves interior design, gardening & camping. Based in Hamburg, Germany. Twitter: @alsterfalter

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